Product Summary

The IDG-650 is a state-of-the-art dual-axis gyroscope designed specifically for complex motion sensing in 3D-input devices and gaming controllers. The IDG-650 gyroscope utilizes state-of-the-art MEMS fabrication with wafer-scale integration technology. This technology combines completed MEMS wafers and completed CMOS electronic wafers together using a patented and proprietary wafer-scale bonding process that simultaneously provides electrical connections and hermetically sealed enclosures. This unique and novel fabrication technique is the key enabling technology that allows for the design and manufacture of high performance, multi-axis, integrated MEMS gyroscopes in a very small and economical package. Integration at the wafer-level minimizes parasitic capacitances, allowing for improved signal-to-noise over a discrete solution. With the addition of the new patented Auto Zero feature for minimizing bias drift over temperature, the IDG-650 offers unparalleled gyroscope performance in 3D-input and gaming applications.


IDG-650 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply Voltage: -0.3V to +3.6V; (2)Acceleration (Any Axis, unpowered): 10,000g for 0.3ms; (3)Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +105℃; (4)Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +125℃.


IDG-650 features: (1)Integrated amplifiers and low-pass filters; (2)Auto-Zero function; (3)On-chip temperature sensor; (4)High vibration rejection over a wide frequency range; (5)High cross-axis isolation by proprietary MEMS design; (6)3V single-supply operation; (7)Hermetically sealed for temp and humidity resistance; (8)10,000 g shock tolerant; (9)Smallest dual axis gyro package at 4 × 5 × 1.2mm ; (10)RoHS and Green Compliant.


IDG-650 functional block diagram



Data Sheet