Product Summary

The STRG6653 is a off-line quasi-resonant flyback switching regulator. It is specifically designed to satisfy the requirement for increased integration and reliability in off-line quasi-resonant flyback converter. The STRG6653 incorporates the primary control and drives circuit with a discrete avalanche-rated power MOSFET. Proven in substantial volumes, the STRG6653 is a robust low-risk solution for off-line power supplies particularly where management of EMI at the source is a significant element of the system design.


STRG6653 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Control Supply Voltage, VIN: 35 V; (2)Drain-Source Voltage, VDS: 650 V; (3)Drain Current, ID, continuous: 2.7 A; single-pulse, tw ≤ 1 ms: 7.2 A; (4)Avalanche Energy, EAS, single-pulse: 158 mJ; (5)Over-Current Protection Voltage Range, VOCP: -0.3 V to +6 V; (6)Insulation RMS Voltage, VWM(RMS): 2000 V; (7)Package Power Dissipation, PD, control (VIN x IIN(ON)): 0.8 W; (8)total: See Graph; (9)FET Channel Temperature, TJ: +150℃; (10)Internal Frame Temperature, TF: +125℃; (11)Operating Temperature Range, TA: -20℃ to +125℃; (12)Storage Temperature Range, TS: -40℃ to +125℃.


STRG6653 features: (1)Quasi-Resonant Operation; (2)Output Power to 66 W; (3)Low-Loss, Pulse-Ratio-Control Standby Mode; (4)Temperature-Compensated Pulse-by-Pulse Over-Current Protection; (5)Latched Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection; (6)Under-Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis; (7)Active Low-Pass Filter for Enhanced Light-Load Stability; (8)Switched Attenuation of Leading-Edge Current-Sensing Signal; (9)Regulated Soft Gate Drive; (10)Adjustable Switching Speed for EMI Control; (11)Overmolded Five-Pin Package.




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